How to add a user

When you created your Sitebeam account, the login credentials you provided created the administrator for your account.

To add a user, go to Account > Users.

Screenshot of the add user menu in Sitebeam

  1. Fill in the full name of the person, their email address and their organization (if applicable).  You will want to make a note of the email address and password as these will be the login credentials and you will need to inform the user of them.
  2. Under settings, you will choose whether this user is a viewer or a builder.  The number of builders you can have is based on your account type.
  3. The “Can login?” checkbox should be checked unless you are restricting access.  This is useful if you wish to add users in advance, or remove access without deleting the user entirely.
  4. You may also set an expiration date for the user, preventing access after a certain date has passed.
  5. Click OK.

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