Excluding a Test

You can exclude any test in Sitebeam. Tests can be excluded from individual reports or from all reports.

How to exclude a test from an existing report

Removing a test from an existing report is immediate, so you don’t need to re-run the test. Any effect that test has on Summary Scores will also be removed immediately.

  1. View the test you want to exclude.
  2. Click Exclude this test link.

If you don’t see this option, your user account doesn’t have permission to exclude a test, or this test can’t be exclude. You can’t exclude Summary Scores, or the last remaining test for a report.

How to exclude a test from all future reports

Sometimes you may dislike a test, or prefer that it didn’t have an effect on your scores.

  1. Click the Account tab.
  2. Click Tests.
  3. Click the drop-down menu next to any test you want to exclude, or make informational only. Excluded tests are not run and do not appear in any way. Informational tests are run but don’t have any scores, or effect on Summary Scores.
  4. Click OK at the bottom of the form to save your changes. Only reports you run after this point will be affected.

Exclusion of all tests settings screenshot

Only an Administrator can perform this action. Shared installations (such as WebScan) don’t provide this option.

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