Comparing two websites side-by-side

What is this?

Sitebeam provides an easy option for comparing any two websites, or the same website at different times side by side, like so:

side by side comparison report example

All test results can be compared and explored in this manner. If you wish to compare more than two websites, see Comparing many websites in a dashboard.

How to compare two websites

  1. View the first website report you wish to compare.
  2. Click the Compare button near the top left of the screen.
  3. Select the website you wish to compare with. If you have a lot of websites, you can type part of its name into the box provided to search through the available sites. Once you click on a website, select the date of the report you wish to compare against below. Click OK to start comparing.

Exploring a comparison

Simply explore a report as normal to compare any aspect of it side-by-side.

Returning to normal view

To stop comparing, click the Compare button near the top left of the screen, and then click Clear in the window that appears.


We recommend a reasonable screen resolution for comparing websites: 1024×768 at a minimum, higher resolutions will allow you to see more at any one time.

You can only compare reports that you’ve already run. If you want to be able to compare a site before and after a redesign for example, you should run like-for-like reports before and after, or Sitebeam won’t be able to compare them.

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