Why is the progress bar stuck at 83%?

Usually, if you wait long enough, the report will complete – it’s just a quirk of how we estimate the progress of a report.

83% is about the point where Sitebeam has finished all of the tests, and needs to compile them into a finished report, so it may have to wait here for a while. However there’s no need to worry – Sitebeam is still running the report.

If a report doesn’t progress for several hours, a problem may have genuinely occurred. Sitebeam should detect this and fail the report for you automatically if this does occur.

Why does this happen?

Essentially there’s no way for Sitebeam to know the actual progress of a report, or even some tests. For example, the number of broken links that needs to be tested is unknowable in advance (because we haven’t looked at your pages and found them yet).

Say we’d run broken links on 99 out of 100 pages in a website, and taken 20 seconds so far. It may look like we’re nearly done, and then the last page of the website contains 20,000 new links that need testing for an hour before we can finish. In these events – which can occur with several tests – the progress meter can appear to be stuck for a while.

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