Why has my website report or spider crashed?

Under rare circumstances, a Sitebeam report can crash. We suggest you try the following steps one at a time, in this order:

Re-run the report

The most common cause for a crash will be we had to take the service down for essential maintenance, or due to exceptional load, causing existing reports to abort. Re-running the report after a short period of time will therefore fix most problems. You can check our service status to see if there are any problems currently being reported.

Test fewer pages

If you tried to test say 10,000 pages, try reducing this to see if this fixes the problem. Some sites try to ‘lock out’ anyone or thing which tries to download their content in high volume for security reasons. Testing a smaller slice of the website can overcome this problem and others.

Re-spider more slowly

This only applies if the spider crashes. Go to the Websites tab and select the website you are trying to test. Then go to Site Settings > Pages to test, and under the Advanced options, use the dropdown menu to change Max connections from Automatic to 1.  Some sites appear to fall over when spidered normally, and this causes the spider to fail. This setting forces Sitebeam to only download one page at a time (instead of 5). This will mean your report takes much longer to run, but it can fix some crashed reports.

Didn’t help?

Please contact us directly with your support inquiry. Be sure to specify what website you were testing that failed (the easiest way to do this is supply the web address you were testing).

Unfortunately if there is an issue with a report crashing, it can take us a while to diagnose and fix it. That’s because we’ve encountered and fixed virtually every ‘common’ problem that Sitebeam has ever encountered now, which means that anything new is usually very rare and complex. As a result, these kind of issues usually take a number of weeks to resolve. In the meantime we strongly recommend testing fewer pages to see if that helps.

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