Why doesn’t the Comprehensive Report include the Cookie Law test?

Well spotted! The EU ePrivacy/Cookie Law test is not actually included inside a Complete report. You have to run the separate Cookie Law report on the website instead.

Although this might seem surprising, there is a good reason.

When we created the Cookie Law test, almost every single site that we tested would fail it. Of course, many websites wouldn’t care that they failed it (like most of our US customers).

As a company, we don’t believe the ePrivacy law is a good idea, and we’re reluctant to penalize sites that don’t adhere to it, especially as it isn’t being actively enforced.

If we added it into our Comprehensive report, most people would get very poor scores for that test and would probably be upset by this. We decided therefore to make it separate by default.

You can actually run all of the tests including the Cookie Law together if you wish:

  • Choose a Custom report
  • Add all of the tests (click Add all) in the panel shown.
  • Run the report.

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