Why can’t Sitebeam find my Twitter or Facebook?

Firstly, we need to explain what Sitebeam does to look for Twitter and Facebook accounts, so you can understand any problems:

Sitebeam looks on every page in the site for a link to Twitter or Facebook. So if you test 10 pages only those 10 pages will be scanned. You can see exactly what pages by clicking “XXX pages found” in the bottom left of any report.

For each page, Sitebeam checks if there is one link – and only one link – to a Twitter profile, and the same again for Facebook.

If there is more than one link to either – say the page links to two separate Facebook accounts – then all of the accounts found on that page are ignored. This is to reduce the chance of Sitebeam detecting hundreds of accounts which don’t belong to the site, e.g. those linked to in forums or articles.

Like any approach however, we realise this isn’t perfect and will likely be revised in future.

Sitebeam can find links to Twitter and Facebook in a large range of standard formats, but this range of formats is constantly growing. For example, new Twitter and Facebook sharing Widgets are constantly being added.

If a more unusual form of link is used, it is less likely to be detected, so please let us know so we can update Sitebeam. Generally any kind of straightforward link should be ok though.

How to fix the issue

You can specify Twitter or Facebook accounts manually if you wish (view a report or website and click the Site settings button, then Test configuration.)

If you do so, Sitebeam will always use those settings for that website in future, and will not attempt to detect Twitter or Facebook automatically.

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