Why can’t I see some of the tests?

Sitebeam will sometimes choose to hide certain tests that it considers boring or irrelevant.

For example, the Languages test reports on what languages are found within a website. If only one language is found – say, the website is entirely in English – then this test automatically hides itself from the main list of tests shown on the left hand side of a report.

Sitebeam does this to reduce the amount of information on display. As we’ve added more tests, we found people had to wade through more information to identify the most useful points. Many tests are only of interest if they find something is wrong, for example the Broken links test. By hiding the uninteresting tests, your attention is focused on the most important information only.

Does this affect my scores?

No. If a test is hidden it still affects your scores in the same way.

Can I see what tests are hidden?

Yes. When viewing a report, look near the bottom left of the report’s navigation for the count of tests. Typically this will say something like “30 tests (15 hidden)”. Click the link to view the hidden tests.

Can I force Sitebeam not to hide a test?

No, Sitebeam always makes this decision for you.

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