What to do if results appear incorrect

Although we do our best to ensure all results are correct all of the time, sometimes you may encounter issues with one or more tests. The most common issues are misunderstandings about how a test works.

Consider the following in order to help resolve your problem:

Check the Help for the test

Most common problems are listed under the Help for each test. You should always check that first. Don’t forget to read what the test is saying fully too; we try to explain common misunderstandings in the results where possible.

You may be testing a different website

Some people mistakenly confuse two seemingly identical websites, e.g.

  • http://example.com/
  • http://www.example.com/

They may look the same, but they’re actually different sites. If you test a different one, some tests will give you different scores – such as Incoming links and Social interest. That’s because Google, Facebook and Twitter also consider them separate sites, and links, Likes and Tweets will only point to one of those sites.

Incidentally this is a bad thing – no website should do this, but some do. It’s bad for SEO and social influence, and the correct solution is to make one web address redirect entirely to the other.

Similar problems can occur if you have your website hosted on web addresses which change, e.g.

  • http://www1.example.com/
  • http://www2.example.com/
  • http://www3.example.com/

These are all issues with the website itself, and should be avoided where possible. You can choose whichever single site you wish to test, but Sitebeam will only see that one site.

Sitebeam may see the website differently to you

You should look at what Sitebeam sees when it looks at the website. Some websites can change when viewed by different browsers or from different locations, and these can cause problems.

This didn’t help

Please contact support and let us know what website you were testing and what exactly the problem is.

Was this article helpful? Contact our support team if you have a question.