Troubleshooting exported PDFs

PDF files are sometimes large (over 15MB)

Most PDFs will be about 1MB in size, but occasionally this will jump to 15MB or more.

This happens if the report uses special characters – most commonly, non-English characters. These characters require Sitebeam to embed a font into the PDF for them to appear correctly, and this font is about 14MB in size. As a result, the PDF file becomes much larger.

Click the checkbox for “Remove foreign characters” to resolve this when generating a PDF.

PDFs do not contain all of the detail of the online report

This is intentional, as to include all detail would result in extremely large PDFs.

Consider a 250 page report will have – at a minimum – several tables containing every page in the site, i.e. 250 rows. Many other tables contain several rows per page, resulting in thousands of rows, spanning tens of pages.

During development we found that PDFs with over 100 printed pages were not uncommon, and were virtually useless. Furthermore, they are much slower to create and in some cases are too large to create at all (without running out of memory).

Accordingly Sitebeam only includes selected tables in PDF exports, and for most tables only displays a sample of the rows in that table. A few selected tables are always shown in full detail – such as the Twitter accounts found, or search engine rankings.

Note that you can ask Sitebeam to include more or less detail on the options screen that appears when exporting a PDF. By default Sitebeam shows the least amount of detail possible.

My logo does not appear in the PDF

To appear in a PDF, your logo must have been provided as a PNG or JPEG file, using an RGB (or equivalent) colour space.

If your logo is a GIF file, or encoded in the CMYK colour space it will not appear on your PDFs. The solution is to upload an alternative file format.

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