Testing non-English websites

All of Sitebeam’s tests work in all languages, with two slight exceptions:

Spelling test

The spelling test supports multiple languages, including English, French, Spanish and German (among others). It doesn’t support every language, but we are adding more languages over time.

To make Sitebeam spell check a new language, we need to train it to recognise that language, and we also need a comprehensive dictionary for that language. This can be an involved process.

If you try to use the Spelling test on a language that Sitebeam does not support, it should automatically exclude this test and hide it for you.

Readability test

This test is specific to English, and cannot be converted to work for other languages.

It uses a world-recognised standard algorithm for measuring how readable English text is, based on criteria like the number of vowels in a word. There is no equivalent in most other languages.

We currently have no plans to introduce this test for other languages.

This test is quite intelligent and will exclude non-English sentences and pages from being tested automatically. If no English is found in the website, Sitebeam should automatically exclude this test and hide it for you.

What about mixed-language pages?

Sitebeam can generally handle pages that mix one or two languages together, as long as the languages use separate sentences. Where sentences mix more than one language together, Sitebeam will often get confused.

If Sitebeam is unable to correctly identify the language of parts of a website, you can tell Sitebeam exactly what languages the site is using under Site Settings.

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