Screenshots aren’t showing when the report is complete

At the moment it is possible that a report is marked as finished, but our 3rd party screenshot service (ShrinkTheWeb) hasn’t generated all required screenshots in time.

If this happens, some screenshots will not be shown for a minute or so after the report has loaded. Under extreme circumstances, when their service is down, screenshots may take longer to appear.

We know this isn’t ideal so eventually Sitebeam will be able to detect this and delay the report until the screenshots are ready. We may also build our own screenshotting service to improve this in future.

If you need to change the screenshot because you have updated the website or it didn’t appear properly, go to Site Settings, and move your mouse over the screenshot. Click on “edit screenshot” when it appears at the top of the screenshot.

To force an update to the screenshot, check the ‘Update all screenshots for this website?‘ box and then click Save changes.

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