Known Issues

Service status

You can check our service status for any current problems.


  • Screenshots may not appear when a report is complete. At the moment it is possible that a report is marked as finished, but our 3rd party screenshot service hasn’t generated all required screenshots in time. If this happens, some screenshots will not be shown for a minute or so after the report has loaded.


  • A dashboard cannot contain more than 1,000 websites. This is due to memory, performance and stability constraints; if we were to support more, the dashboard area could crash or become unstable.


  • Permissions are sometimes confusing for users who share reports between Builder accounts. Generally, the person who creates a report has rights to see and re-run the report, but not other Builders. This isn’t expected behaviour for many users (especially Sitebeam users) and will be made simpler in future. For now, you can manually edit the Read / Write / Re-run permissions for a report by clicking on Site Settings > Permissions.

Internet Explorer

  • IE6 and IE7 are not supported. We have no plans to add support for these browsers.
  • IE8 looks slightly inferior to other browsers, e.g. no rounded corners or drop shadows. This is due to a lack of support for these features in IE8.

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