Duplicate link text for different URL

The page is repeating the same text inside a link, but it is linking to different URLs each time. For example:

<a href='products.html'>Learn more<a>

<a href='services.html'>Learn more<a>

In this example, the text “Learn more” is linking to two different URLs.

This is very common, and you might wonder why this is even a problem. For users with certain disabilities and search engines, the link is not always visible in context. For these users, it isn’t clear what the link by itself means. All they see in the above example is two links, both called “Learn more”, pointing to totally different URLs.

There are two solutions:

  1. Use different text to describe all your links. E.g. in the above example, change “Learn more” to something like “Learn about our products” and “Learn about our services”. This can involve compromising your design and isn’t always appropriate, but is easy to do.
  2. Add a title element to your links, to provide alternative text for those who need it. Other users are unaffected. For the above example:
<a href='products.html' title='Products'>Learn more<a>

<a href='services.html' title='Services'>Learn more<a>

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