Twitter test

What does it do?

Checks whether this website has a Twitter account, and how that account compares with those of other websites.

Example results

Example of twitter test results

Why is it important?

Twitter is one of the most prominent and active social networks and one of the most effective means of delivering social traffic to a website.

Not every website requires a Twitter account, but most should at least consider one. This website makes it easy to see how this website compares against similar websites.

How is it measured?

Each website is analysed to see if it has a Twitter account linked to from its homepage. Each account is then awarded an “influence” score from 0 to 10.

The Influence score is based on the number of followers the account has, and the number of people that it has followed to obtain these. Whilst a high following generally makes an account more influential, some people cheat by following huge numbers of other Twitter users, trying to encourage them to follow them back. This spammy behaviour is frowned upon and will lower the Influence score shown here.

The test returns the score of the Twitter account for the website, if one is found.

Potential problems

The test says the website has no Twitter account, but it does.

Sitebeam attempts to guess the official Twitter account for a website by looking for a link to a single Twitter account on any page in the website. If multiple Twitter accounts are found on one page, they are all ignored.

If a Twitter account is not found, you can specify one manually by clicking Site Settings > Test configuration and filling in the Twitter username(s) box. Separate multiple usernames with commas.

Your website may not want to use Twitter.

This is fine, but we still recommend using this test. It allows you to keep an eye on how your competitors and peers appear on Twitter. If you really wish to avoid it, you can simply manually exclude this test.

How to use this test effectively

Consider whether you intend to make use of Twitter or not for your website. Ensure that Sitebeam knows what your Twitter account(s) are. Run this test regularly to check who is linking to you and in what context, and to refine the use of your Twitter account(s) where appropriate.

Don’t assume that your websites must always score a perfect 10 for this test. See Perfectionist fallacy.

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