Technology Summary

This is a Summary Score, which summarises the results of many individual tests.

What does it summarise?

The technical quality of the website: how well it is built and maintained from a technical standpoint.

This covers aspects of a website that are often not visible to non-technical users, but still highly important. For example, is the website spiderable? If not, many users may never ever see it. Is it built in a way that makes it easier or harder to maintain? Does it follow appropriate technical standards like W3C?

Why is it important?

This test is useful to evaluate the quality of the website, particularly to evaluate whether something has been built ‘well’.

Too often websites are judged superficially by just their appearance, particularly new websites that are being approved for launch. This score provides an at-a-glance indication of any technical concerns, and can also be used by technical staff to assert the quality of their own work.

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