Outgoing Links test

What does it do?

Lists the outgoing links from this website to others.

Example results

Example results for outgoing links test

Why is it important?

It can be useful to check links outgoing from your own website to others, particularly if you wish to link between your various websites as part of a link building strategy.

How is it measured?

Sitebeam checks for outgoing links on each page in turn and records them. Links are listed in descending order of frequency.

This test is for information only; no score is awarded for this test.

Technical explanation

An outgoing link is any link which points to a page that Sitebeam would exclude as part of the site being tested.

For example, say you tested these 2 Included URLs as a single site:


That these would count as Outgoing/Internal links:

www.example.com/example - Internal link
www.another.com - External link
www.test.com - External link (not inside www.test.com/news)

Note that all links to the Content Delivery Network domain akamai.net are automatically excluded.

Potential problems

The percentage figure for a link may exceed 100%. This simply means a link occurs more frequency than the number of pages. E.g. if a link occurs 20 times over 10 pages, the percentage will be 200%.

How to use this test effectively

This test is for informational purposes and only needs to be reviewed on an infrequent basis. It is most useful as part of a review of your link building strategy.

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