Metadata test

What does it do?

Detects and displays any metadata (a type of hidden information on a webpage) used by a website. This includes so-called meta tags.

Any metadata that is in use is presented in a searchable list which can be exported.

Example results

Example metadata test results

Why is it important?

For some websites – particularly those complying to a particular metadata standard like eGMS or Dublin Core – it can be useful to view and export a complete list of metadata presented by a website.

How is it measured?

This test is for information only, and is not scored.

Technical explanation

The test looks for the presence of meta tags on every page, like so:

<meta name="description" content="This is an example" />

Every meta tag encountered is stored and displayed in a searchable list by this test. Where possible, the metadata is categorised automatically.

How to use this test effectively

Use this test where appropriate to confirm your metadata is complete and correct. For websites without specific metadata compliance requirements, this test can usually be ignored.

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