Marketing Summary

This is a Summary Score, which summarises the results of many individual tests.

What does it summarise?

How well marketed this website is online. In particular, this includes a focus on Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and social marketing.

Among other things, this summary score looks at whether the content of the website is optimised for your chosen keywords, how popular, well linked to and highly ranked the website is, how it is linked to on Twitter, and what technical aspects have been addressed.

For accurate results

For the most accurate results, it is crucial to set keywords for the website you wish to test. If you don’t, Sitebeam will remove several key tests in order to produce a report, but the Marketing Score is particularly affected by this.

Why is it important?

  • Improving your Internet Marketing can result in more quality traffic from search engines, and more business for your site.
  • Effective Internet Marketing is a highly competitive industry, with constant innovation and improvements to best practice. Sitebeam can help ensure your fundamentals are in place, suggest improvements and track your progress.

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