Accessibility Summary

This is a Summary Score, which summarises the results of many individual tests.

What does it summarise?

How accessible the website is to people, particularly those with disabilities or non-standard browsers (such as mobile phones). This includes people with visual impairment (e.g. colour blindness, long sightedness or blindness), learning difficulties and an inability to use a mouse or keyboard.

Why is it important?

  • Accessible websites can be used by more people. Even from an entirely ‘selfish’ perspective, inaccessible websites turn away potential business.
  • The principles behind Accessible websites are extremely similar to those for good SEO and tend to ensure greater compatibility with web browsers, particularly future ones.
  • Accessible websites are usually easier to use for everyone, regardless of disability or access platform.
  • In some countries a certain level of Accessibility is a legal requirement. Failure to make a website sufficiently accessible is considered discrimination against people with disabilities.
  • It’s the right thing to do. You’ll be helping improve the quality of life for disabled users by allowing them to access your information along with everyone else.

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