What is Importance?

Sitebeam uses a measure called Importance to estimate which pages are more important in a site.

Each page has an Importance rating, displayed as a ranking from 0 to 5 stars. Issues which occur on more important pages – such as the homepage – have greater weight than issues on less important pages, such as Terms & Conditions. For example, if Analytics are not included on the homepage for a website, this will affect the score much more than if Analytics is missing on a less important page.

Sitebeam also uses the Importance ranking to sort results. For many tests, the results for more important pages are shown first. Recommendations are sorted by a combination of page Importance and issue severity.

How Importance is calculated

Importance is calculated using a proprietary algorithm within Sitebeam itself, based broadly on Google’s PageRank algorithm. It promotes pages which are linked to more frequently and prominently; in particular the position and relative value of the source link are key factors. For example, although some pages can be linked to very frequently (like Terms & Conditions) they may not have a high importance based on their tendency to be linked to from the footer of the site. Generally homepages and pages at the top level of a site’s navigation score very highly.

The concept of Importance is unique to Sitebeam.

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