Sitebeam 5.2

This version was released on 21st Feb 2014.


  • Total rewrite of architecture for stability & performance.
  • All report screens and progress information now use real time connections.
  • Reports cannot be lost, even if no servers are available, or all servers fail.


  • The title of the website is now shown on every page of a report.
  • Screenshots are no longer shown on the Reports screen. This improves overall performance significantly.
  • All progress screens are different.
  • Various minor text changes.


  • Fixed issue where some hash-bang encoded Facebook URLs might not be detected as valid links to a Facebook Page.
  • Fixed broken link to incorrect service status page.
  • Fixed various issues affecting the stability of running reports, especially when the status of reports was not being monitored by the user.
  • (Silktide only) Fixed issue where rerunning a report without a prior spider in dev could cause a crash.

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