Sitebeam 5.1.7

This version was released on 22nd July 2013.


  • Added support for spidering AJAX crawlable sites, as per Google’s specification.
  • Significant speed improvement when spidering most sites.
  • Added option to test sites extremely slowly on purpose (for cases where a site uses anti-bot measures, and blocks agents who make too many requests in sequence). This can be found under Site Settings > Pages to test > Delay between requests.


  • Allow .XML pages to be considered as HTML, when their MIME type is set accordingly.
  • The Open Graph test now detects the (incorrect) use of Open Graph tags with a name attribute, instead of a property attribute. Although this syntax is incorrect, Facebook does support it.
  • Sitebeam now uses a more sophisticated means of resolving ambiguous MIME types, to better handle websites which report these incorrectly.
  • Sitebeam now attempts to normalize URLs returned with incorrectly escaped hyphen characters in their path.


  • Fixed issue where the displayed count of pages on the Report screen could differ from the actual page count, when the automatic re-spider invoked itself.
  • Fixed issue where the word count for the Amount of Content test could incorrectly exclude part of a page that used HTML5 implicitly closed tags in a form element.
  • Fixed issue where sites that demanded HTTP 1.1 persistent connections could not be spidered reliably.
  • Fixed issue where incorrectly formed MP4 and EPUB files could appear as HTML pages.
  • Fixed an issue where the Domain Age test could incorrectly report a website domain as being 40 years old, if no date was available.
  • Fixed an issue where domains could not be correctly dated.
  • Fixed issue with Chrome auto-filling in the password for HTTP authentication when not prompted.
  • Fixed issue with detailed results for Images not showing a message when an image was missing.

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