Sitebeam 5.1.4

This version was released on 4th April 2013.


  • The Freshness test now considers RSS feed and the Last-modified header for a page, giving more accurate results for many sites.
  • Large report runs (1,000+ sites) are vastly more efficient.
  • Added special searches to Reports tab: “:crashed” – shows reports which crashed, “:failures” – shows reports with any single failures, “:nopages” – shows reports with no pages found.
  • Updated dictionary with more words.
  • The list of reports in progress now displays the number of pages found for a report, when known (alongside the number requested).
  • (Silktide only) Added experimental new Domain, E-commerce and CMS tests. These may become public in the near future.
  • (Silktide only) Added experimental new Customer Reference field to sites.
  • (Silktide only) Added experimental support for Site aliases.
  • (Silktide only) Added experimental support for high-speed result metrics, with metric-only support and mass export (intended to replace dashboards).
  • (Silktide only) Added experimental support for adding many websites quickly in one go (tens of thousands via file upload).
  • (Silktide only) The system config screen no longer supports Adjunct switching and is much faster as a result.
  • (Silktide only) Added rule engine editor for rapid test development.
  • (Silktide only) Added Chaos Monkey for testing stability.


  • The spider now allows 403 pages to be spidered by default, as many sites incorrectly return these for all of their content. For sites incorrectly reporting other HTTP errors, the existing manual “Ignore HTTP errors” override still exists.
  • When multiple Facebook pages are found and the Facebook test is unsure which is right, an informational score is given and an explanation shown.
  • Deprecated user quotas (no longer used) to improve performance.
  • Google Analytics v1 and v2 are no longer given separate descriptions (v1 is now exceedingly rare, and makes the distinction confusing for most users).
  • You can now set the URL for a website to a page which returns a non-valid HTTP code (e.g. 403) if the “Ignore HTTP errors” checkbox is checked.
  • The popularity score is now weighted to rank most sites slightly higher, with their actual rank counting for more than the change to their rank.
  • When a UI is not available to confirm the post-spider credit utilization, Sitebeam now continues to test regardless instead of failing the report.
  • Configuration options are now automatically trimmed of whitespace.
  • Users can now queue up reports even when no Test Servers are currently available.
  • The CSS parser now times out much more aggressively (20 seconds instead of 100 seconds).
  • Revised the text of email alerts when a report is completed.
  • Changed the “keep me logged in” text on the log in screen.
  • Added normalization of common JSP / JHTML extensions.
  • Test Servers now skip a confirmation step with the UI (post spider) for performance reasons.


  • Fixed bug where a report could hang on the progress screen, or appear to run twice (it did not in fact run twice, but the Test Server display might suggest this).
  • Fixed bug where specifying the default language for all tests wouldn’t cause the Languages test to use that setting, slowing down language detection.
  • Fixed bug in how some task invocations would detect conflicts.
  • Fixed bug in how nested process locks could cancel themselves out.
  • Fixed bug where running huge report runs could cause the progress bar display to appear incorrectly.
  • Fixed bug where if the Facebook API was down the Social Interest test might crash.
  • Fixed bug where sites added via API did not always classify themselves within the All Websites group.
  • Fixed bug where sites with no testable popularity could still receive a score.
  • Fixed bug where some spiders could crash and not release resources, causing a Test Server to become backed up.
  • Fixed issue where entering HTML as a keyword could corrupt the display of the keyword list.
  • Fixed issue where the status of a report could become confused and show another report status, if the first report was cleaned up during the report run.
  • Fixed issue where obscure <base> tags which pointed to files (instead of paths) were incorrectly assumed to be paths.
  • Fixed bug where the Exit button wasn’t displayed in the trial when viewing a shared report without being logged in.
  • Fixed bug where the first report run for a site would fail to include the list of pages tested, or links to those pages in certain tables within the report.
  • Fixed numerous stability issues with the automated Test Server cleanup causing reports to fail.
  • Fixed issue where a restarted transfer could result in duplicate results.
  • Fixed issue where a restarted transfer would not always record as a failure in the developer logs.
  • Fixed bug where a Test Server could slow itself down by terminating itself incorrectly alongside a child process.
  • Fixed broken link to help for the Typosquatting test.
  • Fixed a race condition that could cause Sitebeam to run the same report more than once in parallel.

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