Sitebeam 5.1.3

This version was released on Feb 6th 2013.


  • Added new, simpler facilities to test sites behind HTTP Authentication and sites requiring custom cookies. Replacing the Manual Steps area, users may now simply specify these settings for a whole site under Site Settings > Pages to test. These settings now affect the broken files and speed tests.
  • Users may now load multiple pages simultaneously (previously, one request could lock another).
  • Added a facility to limit the Broken Links test to a maximum time. This is useful because some (rare) sites have extraordinarily high link counts, and waiting for this one test to find every link in such a site can take hours. The default maximum is one hour; you can change this for all sites under Account > Test settings, or for individual sites under Site settings.
  • Optimized the speed of reports (Test Servers now retain open connections to the UI servers they are targeting, reducing connection overhead).
  • (Silktide only) Added the ability to test HTTP Authentication with the Account > Test URL feature.


  • Sitebeam now has dedicated Facebook and Twitter accounts, replacing the generic Silktide ones. Users are shown links to the new accounts the first time they log in.
  • Sitebeam now sends more convincing HTTP headers when emulating specific browsers, to fool various anti-bot technologies.
  • Account > Language settings are now under Account > Test settings. Additional settings covering other areas of Sitebeam will be added here over time.
  • Sitebeam now has a default DNS lookup timeout of 20 seconds (was 10 seconds).


  • Fixed issue where a very large uploaded logo, or a transparent PNG logo could cause Sitebeam to be much slower at exporting PDF reports, or even fail entirely.
  • Fixed scaling issue with processing reports when a large number of reports had previously failed.
  • Fixed issue where certain types of failed tasks would never abort completely.
  • Fixed security vulnerability caused by malformed Favicon uploads.
  • Fixed issue where a user could visit Sitebeam while it was being installed, resulting in duplicate sign up emails.
  • Fixed issue where Broken files test wouldn’t correctly propagate HTTP authentication details, resulting in some files being marked as missing when they were not.
  • Fixed issue where a customer who was permanently deleted could not reclaim the same URL again.
  • Fixed issue where a site with an exceptionally large number of links on a page (10,000+) could cause part of the spider to continue running even after the rest of the spider was finished.
  • Fixed incorrect appearance of Reports tab when viewed on iPhone.
  • Fixed bug where iPad users couldn’t export reports as PDFs.
  • Removed FS button from iPad version (was an experimental feature that was not intended to be made public at this time).
  • Removed link to deprecated Word export from some old installs.
  • Fixed bug where malformed <?xml> specified character sets would incorrectly force the whole page to be interpreted as an invalid character set.  These instances are now ignored.
  • Fixed bug where some relative URLs would parse incorrectly if the path contained an unusual URL fragment.
  • CSS parser now correctly handles media types specified via an @import url("...") statement.
  • Added additional countermeasures to prevent a report from being run twice by mistake.
  • Sitebeam now handles certain failures with Google UK search results not being returned.

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