Sitebeam 5.1.2

This version was released on 19th Dec 2012. It contains mostly bug fixes and stability improvements.


  • Sitebeam is now much smarter at distributing larger numbers of reports across many servers.
  • The Facebook test now checks for the number of people talking about a page, and 25% of the overall score is comprised of this.
  • The Twitter test now explains if multiple Twitter accounts were found and it is unsure which (if any) belongs to the site.
  • The Facebook test now explains if the Facebook page being tested is not publicly visible (previously, such pages were ignored, causing potential confusion).
  • Added option to remove all foreign characters from exported PDFs, resulting in reduced file sizes.
  • (Silktide only) Added logging of corrupted database tables, with repair facility (under Account > Developer).


  • Disabled the Links test by default. We no longer believe the title attribute is viable, which makes most of this test redundant: the only way to ensure good quality links is to write them in plain text, or using hidden <span> elements inside a link. You can re-enable this test if you wish to test for this.
  • The Links test now does not count title text as the text for a link, when visible link text is present instead. This is comparable with the behavior of real screen readers (e.g. JAWS) although it deviates from W3C practice. As a result, scores for this test may change quite significantly.
  • Changed the date control for the Add new reports screen (was a popup, now expands in context).
  • (Silktide only) Manually restarting a report resets the restart count back to 0.
  • The Test Server database now uses MyISAM for temporary working storage, as this is easier to reclaim space from than InnoDB.


  • Fixed an issue where if a server was performing an automated temporary cleanup and was aborted, that it would take up to five hours instead of five minutes to recover.
  • Fixed an issue where certain parallel tasks could fail to correctly combine their dependencies, causing those dependencies to fail. This would only occur on reports with more than 500 pages.
  • Fixed issue created by change to Shrink the Web screenshot API, where some screenshots could appear incorrectly as “Shrink the Web” icons.
  • Fixed issue where the failure of some obscure non-test / transfer tasks could cause a whole report to fail without that individual task being retried.
  • Fixed issue where if the headless browser service goes down, that reports would take an extremely long time to fail.
  • Fixed issue where a transfer of data could fail, restart and the results from each transfer would be duplicated.
  • Fixed bug where after logging out, it was not possible to log back in from the same page.
  • Fixed a bug where running a massive range of reports in one go would ignore re-running reports that had been deleted.
  • When a report fails and never started, Sitebeam no longer displays 1970 as the start date.

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