Sitebeam 5.1.11

This version was released on 9th Jan 2013.


  • Improved how Sitebeam performs when running large volumes of reports.
  • The Broken Links test now displays where broken links were found.
  • Added additional Google search engines.
  • Added additional Cookie Law solutions.


  • Links to the W3C Validator using the “referrer” method are no longer considered broken links (as they do not pass the referrer to the W3C).
  • Removed the defunct Google China option from the list of search engines. Google China has not existed for some time.
  • The Freshness test no longer pays attention to the last published date of RSS feeds, but only the individual posts within them. This is due to some feeds incorrectly reporting this data.
  • The Freshness test now looks back 5 years instead of 3 when looking for dates.


  • Fixed bug where some Normalizer settings would not apply to the Test Server.
  • Fixed incorrect link to some contextual help in the Search Engine Results test.
  • Fixed bug where a malformed Meta-Refresh tag could flag as a broken link.
  • Fixed some layout issues when comparing websites.
  • Fixed bug where competitors list wouldn’t show for Search Ranking test if only a Google search engine was selected.

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