Sitebeam 5.1.1

This is a minor release containing bug fixes and refinements.


  • Sitebeam will now attempt to avoid using non-English characters in PDF reports to keep their filesize smaller, wherever possible. The Spelling test will now prefer to show English words which are misspelled and avoid foreign ones, unless absolutely necessary. This drastically reduces the likelihood of a 15MB (or larger) PDF, with most falling within 1-2MB. See Troubleshooting exported PDFs.
  • Significant speed optimisations to user interface.
  • (Silktide only) Sitebeam now reports individual report and process statuses centrally for improved monitoring and diagnostics.
  • (Silktide only) Sitebeam / Watchtower now has awareness of intentional server shutdowns and does not report these as downtime.
  • (Silktide only) Added ability to kill a specific task on any server instantly.


  • Changed the way reports are restarted and aborted, so that precise logs of these events can be deconstructed afterwards.
  • Removed slide-down notifications for when a report completes (mostly for performance reasons – these were hard to scale and of limited value to most users).
  • The Beta API no longer returns testRequestId from a call to testsite or addsiteandtest. This is because the testRequestId may change after the report is requested (if the report is restarted, it is given a new ID).
  • Improved layout of PDF Cookie Law reports.
  • Only 1,000 reports can be paginated through in the report list (speed improvement; all reports can still be found via search).
  • Increased limit of websites that can be selected from to 3,500.
  • Set connection timeout for all HTTP requests to 10 seconds.
  • Modified SSL handling to avoid¬†unnecessary¬†SSL certificate validation where possible.
  • (Silktide only) Updated progress screens to incorporate their parent report.


  • Fixed bug where calculating the size of some malformed images could cause Apache (and therefore a Test Server) to crash.
  • Fixed issue where clicking on an old report could cause Sitebeam to show a different report, if the spider for the original was corrupted.
  • Ensured the test request log always matches the ID of the requested report, even after data corruption occurs.
  • Fixed issue where an obscurely failed report could cause a Test Server never to free up resources, preventing other tests from running on that server.
  • Fixed issue where if a spider goes missing during a report run (e.g. due to cleanup operations, or database corruption) that the report would never abort or restart successfully.
  • Fixed issue with running tests on a Mac OS X based server, where process identification would incorrectly flag a running process as terminated.
  • Fixed bug where a change in PEAR could cause the UI server to crash.
  • Fixed issue where an image which was embedded into a PDF with the incorrect format (e.g. a GIF image with a .PNG extension) would crash the PDF generator.
  • Fixed issue where a Test Server would never abort a report which failed to transfer fully back to the UI.
  • Fixed issue where a change to Alexa’s API caused sites with no Alexa rank to claim they couldn’t be tested for Popularity.
  • Fixed issue where requested reports were not logged successfully to SDB due to a change in credentials, and forced historical records to be re-sent.
  • Fixed issue where a Test Server could attempt to run the same report twice simultaneously, if the report was restarted at a certain time.
  • Sitebeam now ignores the <base> tag when it doesn’t contain a valid, fully qualified URL. This prevents some broken pages from spidering.
  • Users may now include + symbols in their usernames (which are generally their email addresses). Legitimate email addresses can contain the + symbol.

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