Sitebeam 5.0.9

This is a minor maintenance release intended to improve reliability.


  • The number of pages tested is now shown clearly on the first page of the report. Clicking on this lists the pages.
  • When a website has problems being tested and times out, this is now highlighted on the front page of the report as well.
  • The page download log has been completely redesigned to be clearer and explain what has happened in a simpler way.
  • Many speed and reliability improvements when testing.
  • Added many additional diagnostic and logging options for Silktide developers.


  • In the event the spider crashes, a log of the spider’s actions is now recorded and made available to the user for diagnostic purposes.
  • The log of what pages were downloaded is now never automatically deleted (previously, it was deleted automatically after a short period to free up space, but this information proved too useful to remove). This information is now only deleted when a report is removed.
  • All URLs are now normalized with lowercase schemes and hostnames. This mirrors the automatic compensation behaviour of most web browsers, and handles situations where a webserver does not handle mixed case hostnames correctly.


  • Fixed bug where screenshots could return incorrect “ShrinkTheWeb” screenshot images, due to a change in their API. As a result all screenshots are rebuilt after upgrading to this version.
  • Fixed bug where a mixed case open/close script tags (e.g. <script> … </SCRIPT>) would not be recognized as closing, potentially causing other parts of the page to be ignored.
  • Fixed issue where Google Germany test was checking Google Switzerland by mistake.
  • Fixed issue where the Incoming links test could crash and/or double-up results when SEOmoz was unusually slow to respond.
  • Fixed issue where the Contact details test could detect some mixed alpha-numeric codes as phone numbers by mistake.
  • Fixed a broken link inside the Help for “Title”.
  • Fixed bug in W3C load balancer time randomization. Requests will now be more randomly distributed than before.

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