Sitebeam 5.0.8

This version merges SiteRay into Sitebeam (which is now spelt without a capital ‘B’). Other miscellaneous fixes and refinements have been made.


  • All versions of Sitebeam and WebScan now have advanced spidering options from SiteRay. For example, you can force certain cookies to be sent when spidering a site.
  • The Facebook test now includes the current website in the results table, even if the current website doesn’t have a Facebook page, assuming that any competitors do have a Facebook page. This helps clarify what these results are showing, ala the Twitter test.
  • When a user is told they cannot test a site because it is already being tested, they are now given a one click option to cancel the existing report immediately.
  • When adding a website, Sitebeam now automatically includes the secure (https) URL for sites which are added via an insecure URL (e.g. http). This is only relevant if the site uses secure URLs, otherwise it will be ignored.
  • Added extra Help to the Freshness test.
  • Added support for “yyyy-mm-dd” date order detection to the Freshness test.
  • The “Tested with …” text shown on the report page is now hidden for viewing users. This ensures any white labelling does not reveal our brand to these users.
  • Webpages with a MIME type of text/plain and no file extension are now considered ambiguous in type. Sitebeam now inspects the contents of these pages to determine whether they are likely HTML or not, compensating for badly behaved webservers which present their HTML pages as text/plain.


  • All SiteRay users now moved to Sitebeam.
  • Default Sitebeam branding updated (only applies to Sitebeam users).
  • The <title> of every page in Sitebeam tool no longer includes “Sitebeam”. This is for people who are concerned that the Sitebeam name may be visible to their clients.


  • Fixed bug where a page that specified a base URL using the <base> tag would cause some relative links in external CSS files to calculate incorrectly. This was usually apparent in the Broken files test.
  • Fixed unusual condition that could break the Printability preview: when a print-only stylesheet returns an HTML page (e.g. as a 404 error or similar), the preview would embed that error into the page.
  • Fixed broken link to documentation for Image Usage test.
  • Fixed out of date documentation for Adding websites.

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