Sitebeam 5.0.7

This release is focused on improving stability. There are no major new features.

New restrictions

We’ve introduced a couple of new restrictions to increase performance for everyone. The vast majority of normal users won’t encounter these:

  • Users are now prevented from running too many reports simultaneously (the limit depends on your version of SiteBeam, SiteRay or WebScan). This is to avoid situations where a small fraction of our users can disrupt service to everybody else.
  • Users are now prevented from testing the same website more than once at the same time. This is to prevent situations where a user is frustrated in waiting for a report to finish, and queues it up again, and again. Ironically this just creates more work for our servers, delaying their original report.


  • SiteRay users can now use presentations, just like SiteBeam.
  • Added significant improvements to stability throughout.
    • Test Servers now can deny access from UI Servers intelligently to recover from problems, or clean themselves up.
    • Test Servers are now smarter at allocating resources for individual reports. Generally, running many reports is a batch is likely to be more efficient.
    • All cleanup code has been rewritten for performance. Generally cleanup operations are now incremental and require less system level locks.
    • UI servers now automatically self-optimise.
    • UI servers now automatically ignore Test Servers which don’t appear to be responding, and reallocate their work elsewhere.
    • Test Servers optimised for low level database queries.
  • Added new debugging options to help troubleshoot failures on any Test Servers. These options are only visible to Silktide.
  • Excluded more common directory sites from being detected as possible competitors.


  • Increased timeout for adding a website from 10 seconds to 20 seconds. This makes it possible to add some websites which are extremely slow to respond.
  • Rewrote all central logging and status reporting. This will allow for better performance monitoring and optimisation in the near future.


  • Fixed issue where pages with footers declared at the top of a page, but immediately after a block of Javascript, would cause the whole page to be considered a footer, and therefore be excluded from the Amount of Content test.
  • Fixed issue where part of the spelling dictionary extensions wouldn’t load, causing more spelling errors to be reported than normal.
  • (Trial only) – Fixed bug where some users could abort a report and it would count against their trial quota.
  • (WebScan only) – Fixed bug where newly created users wouldn’t correctly transfer into our payment system, causing some registrations to fail.
  • Fixed issue where some forms would cache in Google Chrome, causing confusion.
  • Fixed display of spelling errors when exporting to PDF or printing. Previously, the user interface allowing for the editing of spelling errors was inadvertently included in exported PDFs.
  • Fixed obscure issue where some admin UI components would render a header twice.

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