Sitebeam 5.0.6

This is a minor maintenance release. For those who are curious, v5.0.5 was never publicly released, but was merged into this update.


  • Reporting feedback or a problem now directly integrates into our support ticket system. This should help ensure quicker response to support issues.
  • Added support for Piwik analytics
  • Added support for testing Google Italy (
  • Increased speed of language detection, resulting in faster testing overall (language detection is used throughout testing and is one of the slowest parts of testing).
  • If a report cannot be run, a more friendly error screen is shown, including a link to our status page and the option to raise a support ticket in one click.
  • Added confirmation screen after sending feedback, including support ticket number.
  • Added many modern words (e.g. “webcam”, “webmail”) to dictionary.
  • Made the W3C validator faster, and regulate itself when overloaded with high demand.
  • Added new option to exclude specific links from being tested by the Broken Links test. Under Test configuration > Broken links, you can now enter domains or paths you wish to be excluded. The domain is automatically excluded.
  • Added option to test more than 20 keywords (Silktide only, experimental).


  • The filename of an exported Dashboard is now based on the name of the Dashboard (previously it was always “To-do” which was confusing).
  • Unified all Twitter accounts (SiteBeam, SiteRay, WebScan) to use Silktide instead.
  • The Headings test now sorts detail by severity, and has a default “Max level” of nothing (i.e. all headings).


  • Added additional levels of resilience to SEOmoz API requests. Previously, it was possible for these to fail in a way which would cause results not to be reported correctly.
  • Fixed issue with the Typosquatting test where some domains which redirected back to the original domain could still be flagged as potentially typosquatting.
  • Fixed issue where a site which included a page footer at the top of the HTML, and failed to close it properly, could cause Sitebeam to incorrectly exclude all the following body content as footer text.
  • Fixed Sitebeam incorrectly falling back to HTTP based transfers (which are slower) instead of DB connections when it didn’t have permissions to check the shared file store path.
  • Fixed shared shortened links expiring (previously, these expired automatically after 30 days).
  • Fixed missing text labels on Speed gauges when deployed on some Linux systems.
  • Fixed incorrect web address for contact us page in welcome email.
  • Fixed issue where if the HTML for a page footer appeared above the content for a page, then the content below that header would be ignored as ‘body content’, affecting some tests.
  • Removed link to dead article in Readability Help.
  • Fixed issues with new Feedback buttons integrating into Silktide’s support system.

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