Sitebeam 5.0.3

This is a minor revision containing fixes and small refinements. It was released publicly on October 4th 2011.


  • (SiteBeam only) Added a tour video to Help.
  • Re-introduced option to “Test external links” for the Broken links test, and made the default not to test external links. This is faster and only checks links the owner of the site is most concerned with – testing external sites can be useful but also introduces possible false positives (e.g. sites like Wikipedia blocking attempts to check many of their pages).
  • Increased the minimum number of pages for which internal search is recommended from 30 to 100. Sites will less than 100 pages will not be flagged by this test anymore.
  • Miscellaneous minor refinements to text and help to clarify some confusing areas.


  • Fixed design flaw where the Search Ranking test would always rate the current website for its own name, thereby causing it to score higher than other sites for which this name was clearly less appropriate.
  • The Broken Links test now intelligently handles cases where sites refuse access to test many pages at once. Specifically, testing is now throttled to 2 simultaneous connections per domain, and 403 errors are ignored as broken links.
  • Fixed bug where adding words to a dictionary would update the score for the Spelling test, but not the score in the navigation.
  • Fixed bug where excluding a test would not also exclude the Key points made by that test on Summary screens.
  • Fixed bug that could cause the Broken links test to hang with some badly behaved persistent connections from certain sites.
  • The Speed test no longer considers Flash animations potentially embedded by Javascript (but not actually used) as part of the page size.
  • The MIME type “application/octet-stream” is no longer ever accepted as HTML (a previous change in 5.0.2 permitted this, causing some file attachments to incorrectly appear as pages).
  • Fixed bug where changing the Settings for a Presentation wouldn’t update the length until the whole page was later refreshed.
  • (WebScan only) – fixed bug where some URLs could appear incorrectly as “Report by http”.
  • Fixed obscure bug where some PowerPoint exports could fail.
  • Fixed issue where if a screenshot failed to generate automatically, it was impossible to add one manually.
  • Fixed some minor typos.

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