Sitebeam 5.0.2

This version was released on 16th September 2011.


  • Fixed bug where some obscure Facebook URLs wouldn’t be understood properly, resulting in a Facebook page not being detected.
  • Fixed issue where updating your email address under Preferences wouldn’t update your username, causing confusion.
  • Fixed issue where a HTTP refresh header would always be counted as a literal redirect, even if the delay was very high. Now only refreshes of 1 second or less are equivalent to location redirections.

Minor changes

  • Users are now warned when adding a website without any keywords. They can still do this, but are discouraged from doing so.
  • (WebScan only). Added support for mandatory user registration. Users must enter a GNS number and a Franchise URL to continue to use the service. They may delay entering this information for up to 7 days. Numerous changes to backend to allow for monitoring / editing of these details (users cannot edit them once set). The URL now appears on reports and printouts made by that account.
  • Re-introduced support for Broken links test to only check internal links.
  • Made improvement to stability of Broken links test when under heavy load (previously could crash under bizarre circumstances).
  • Added centralized pooling of user credentials (allowing – in future – for single sign in, consolidated account views etc).
  • Revised the messages which are displayed during a backup (for WebScan only).
  • Added proper icon for Account > Test URL option.

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