Sitebeam 5.0.12

This is a minor release with lots of refinement and polish.


  • Screenshots are now generated before a report is completed, meaning most reports appear with screenshots already in place.
  • The number of pages run for a report is now always shown on the left, even for reports without a front page (e.g. the Cookie Law report). Where appropriate, a warning is shown if spidering problems occurred.
  • Revised all outgoing email emails to look better, have some personality and better avoid spam filtering.
  • Added ‘Did you know’ messages to the progress screen.
  • The titles for each summary score are now clickable links to that summary score’s results.
  • Substantially revised the spider to improve overall performance.
    • Trivial spidering issues are no longer logged, e.g. sites that are not inside the URLs requested.
    • Cookie state is no longer preserved by default, unless “Allow duplicate URLs” is checked.
    • Optimized to reduce thread locking with high numbers of links per page.
  • Cookie law test now details under “Solutions” whether a page with or without a solution actually uses cookies.
  • Optimized speed of UI further. Reduced load caused by excessive reloads of a pending screenshot list, which no longer forks potentially high numbers of child processes.
  • Added detection for Heart Internet’s cookie law solution.
  • Added detection of ‘ukcookieslaw’ cookie law solution.
  • Redesigned the Reports tab to make different websites and report types more visually distinct (adding screenshots and icons).
  • Added some additional cookies to the cookie law categorization database (TripAdvisor plugins, Facebook Badges).
  • Added developer test area for revised Twitter analysis.
  • Made the reset password feature nicer, and less likely to succumb to spam email detection.
  • Tidied up numerous test results, messages and user interface designs. Reports with one test in them (like the Cookie Law report) are now much cleaner.
  • Substantially improved the demo with streamlined “one form” process for adding a new site, simplified UI, less report types to simply everything, navigation only shows after first report completes.


  • The Spiderability test is now disabled by default (you can enable it on demand under Account > Tests).
  • The Websites tab is now the Sitebeam logo by default. If a logo is applied under custom branding (Sitebeam Pro and Premium only), this logo is not shown.
  • The Complete report has been renamed the Comprehensive report, as it does not include all tests (and hasn’t for some time). This is intended to reduce confusion.
  • The latest summary score is no longer shown on the Websites screen. This is because (a) increasingly reports do not have a summary score, such as Cookie Law reports (b) this information is slow to retrieve and (c) the information is rarely used.
  • The default name for a new site is now always based on the URL, and not on a guess based on the <title> tag. As a result, the Search Engine Placement test no longer uses the site name as a keyword by default.
  • Updated the list of built-in user agents to more modern browsers.
  • Printing/exporting PDF reports now always includes the branded logo, even for partial reports (e.g. the Cookie Law report).
  • Removed all links to Silktide website in Cookie Law test.
  • Replaced the confusing drop-down context menus for tests with a simpler string of links.
  • Replaced some confusing ‘more info’ icons with the text “More” (e.g. Incoming Links and Popularity test tables).
  • Revised some descriptions in the spider page summary for clarity.
  • Decreased the severity of some common warnings in the spider page summary.
  • The edges around screenshots are now clearer.
  • Updated the estimated times for a report to complete based on more recent data.
  • Slightly revised the appearance of the login screen.


  • Fixed some tests having broken layouts in the side-by-side comparison view.
  • Fixed bug where users could set their email to an invalid string of multiple email addresses.
  • Fixed bug where some users without branding permissions could still set their branding.
  • Fixed an issue where queuing lots of reports very rapidly together could cause some to fail to start.
  • Fixed an issue where some pages with broken character sets could incorrectly be excluded as binary data instead of HTML.
  • Fixed issue where Facebook detection wouldn’t recognize some URLs of the format
  • Fixed glitch where resetting your password wouldn’t tell the user what had happened, and would just take them back to the login screen.
  • Fixed glitch where the progress screen could crop the bottom off the cancel report button for websites with very long titles in some browsers.

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