Sitebeam 5.0.11

This update significantly increases the speed of the user interface and adds features to the Cookie law test. Publicly released on 7th June 2012.


  • Substantial speed optimizations made to the user interface (many features are twice as fast – more for large installs).
  • The Cookie law test now recognizes numerous common cookie law solutions. For the Silktide Cookie Consent solution, Sitebeam can detect whether cookies are set by the website after the user has opted out, even if the default is to opt in.
  • Added detection of extra cookies to the Cookie law test.
  • The URL format test now understands URLs with non-English text in them, and scores accordingly.
  • When more than 3 recommendations are shown for a single test, only the top 3 are shown with an option to view more. This reduces page length for some tests.
  • Added status and support links to error screen if entire installation fails.
  • (Silktide only) added substantial new UI performance tracing support.


  • All support links made to use consistent user interface.
  • Javascript Link Discovery is now disabled by default, and for any existing sites. This feature significantly slows down spidering and is now very rarely required to explore a website. You can re-enable it for individual sites under Site Settings > Link Discovery.
  • Removed “Cookies” column from automated cookie policy generator to make the layout clearer, and because for most purposes this information is redundant (with unique cookies, they’re named in the Item column) or misleading (the actual cookies used by some technologies like Facebook is undefined, as they only read cookies which can’t be seen; similarly Flash cookies cannot be named).


  • Fixed (WebScan only) bug where users without a URL would appear with a nonsensical URL of “http://”.

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