Sitebeam 4.1.5

This version was publicly released on 9th June 2011.

Account management

  • Users on credit-card subscriptions can now upgrade, downgrade or cancel their subscription from under the Account tab.

EU Cookie Law

  • Added a new report type: Cookie Law test.
  • The Summary and Comprehensive reports do not include the Cookie Law test by default, but you can add it to them if you wish.
  • The old Cookies test has been completely rewritten and replaced with the new Cookie Law test.
  • The new test lists all cookies used by a website, and indicates whether any of these cookies likely represent a violation of the new EU law.
  • The new test does not contribute to the summary scores for a website.

Contact details test

  • Test now smarter at discerning phone numbers from fax numbers (etc) based on context.
  • Test no longer truncates excess digits for some obscure international phone numbers.
  • Test now excludes some international company registration numbers automatically.

Other miscellaneous

  • URLs which contain unescaped colons can now be spidered, even though those URLs incorrectly designate an ambiguous URI type. These malformed URLs are now detected and processed as normal URLs.
  • URLs that contain “;jessionid=xxx” now only have that fragment excluded, but the subsequent query parameters are retained.
  • A Meta Refresh (specified in the HTTP headers or in the document) with a time of 1 second or less is now considered equivalent to a HTTP redirection, i.e. these pages are ignored apart from as a route to another page. This handles some legacy web applications which don’t define proper Location HTTP headers.
  • Changed the way that attributes in partial quotes were interpreted to match most browsers. In particular, values set without an open quote but with a close quote no longer include the close quote in their value.
  • Improved the performance of the transfer of results from the Test Server to the UI Server.
  • Fixed an issue with some URLs that contained invalid parent paths, e.g. These are now correctly evaluated throughout.
  • Addressed some invalid multibyte string processing issues.
  • Added option to talk to Silktide staff when using the SiteBeam demo.

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