Sitebeam 4.1.3

This version was made publicly available on 15th April 2011.

Search engine placement test

  • Now automatically excludes pages which simply redirect using Javascript or Meta-refreshes. This behavior is already used by many other tests.
  • Now correctly counts the number of foreign characters found (previously, some Unicode titles would cause this count to be higher than it should be.

Foreign characters

  • Completely replaced the low-end character parsing and normalization support. This ultimately will allow for fuller support of foreign characters in some tests.

Stylesheets test

  • This test no longer reports a complete list of all applied styles found for every page. This information was found to be useless, confusing and slightly slowed down the testing process.


  • Fixed a problem where exec() system calls could exceed the capacity of the OS. The most common memory and load querying calls are now cached locally to prevent this.
  • Fixed issue where the Search engine placement test wouldn’t show a clickable link for pages without a page title (as without a title, there was nothing to click on). These pages now show No title.
  • Fixed issue that could cause some tests which had been marked as “Info only” to appear with a score in the side navigation, but not in the test itself.
  • Fixed issue with W3C compliance test that could cause very obscure sites to score higher than they should.

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