Sitebeam 4.1.2

This version was made publicly available on 14th April 2011.


  • More documentation and troubleshooting has been added.

Broken links test

  • Now reports on links which break in any way, including linking to pages which return server errors, or don’t return valid HTML pages.
  • Now displays the HTTP code encountered.
  • Now explains when a link times out.

Foreign characters

  • Introduced new and improved handling of foreign characters throughout. This will ultimately allow for support of foreign spell checking and the Content Keywords test.

Handling failed reports

  • When a report fails because no pages were found, it appears in yellow with “No pages found” (previously was shown in red as “Failed”). Failed reports now refer exclusively to reports which crashed.


  • SiteBeam and SiteRay only: Users can now see how many reports they have remaining under Account > Allowance. SiteBeam only: Users can also see how many reports they used in previous months.


  • Fixed compatibility issue with some versions of IE7.
  • Fixed issue where an @media declaration only allowed spaces between itself and the declared media type in CSS. Now all other forms of whitespace (e.g. line breaks, tabs) are allowed
  • Fixed a minor flaw in the Contact details test where a date range featuring mixed year lengths (e.g. “2010-11”) would be considered a possible phone number.
  • Fixed a bug which caused some error descriptions not to appear when clicked on in the table view.
  • Fixed a minor flaw in the Contact details test where a phone number could be suggested which ended with a dash.
  • Fixed a flaw in how Sitebeam would determine the character set of a page with an invalid HTTP header but a valid HTTP-equiv META tag.
  • Fixed an issue where some Unicode entities embedded into a URL would be incorrectly parsed, causing the URL to incorrectly interpreted as broken. The new solution to this problem handles all possible Unicode entities.
  • Fixed an issue where SiteBeam report quotas were not correctly enforced for customers older than one month. This bug causes some customers to receive a near unlimited report quota in subsequent months.

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