Sitebeam 4.0.8

This is a minor update and was released publicly on 4th March 2011.


  • Added ability to set your default search engines when adding a website. Check the new box Make these my default search engines in future when adding a new website.
  • Added additional content to Help based on common support queries.
  • Added support for Google Mauritius.
  • Added ability to search results of the Visual Interest test by URL.
  • When an upgrade is applied, a link to detailed changes is provided in the notification.
  • For SiteRay users only, help is now displayed to Viewer users. This does not affect SiteBeam or WebScan.
  • Added support for remote installation validation. This allows Silktide to check whether any installations are experiencing difficulties and address them immediately.
  • Added support for trial installations (Silktide internal use only).


  • Fixed bug where Clear comparison button was broken for Viewer users.
  • Fixed rare bug where the date shown on an exported report could be 1st Jan 1970.
  • Fixed erroneous references to custom branding in Help for WebScan users.
  • Fixed rare bug where adding a site with a malformed URL pointing to a Twitter account could cause a confusing error to appear.
  • Fixed bug where Viewer users upgraded from SiteRay 3 could have incorrect permissions for excluding an individual test.

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