Sitebeam 4.0.6

This update was made publicly available on 27th January 2011.


  • When viewing the Websites screen in List view, the latest score is now displayed, and clicking the website name now has the same behaviour as in Grid view (it takes you to the latest report if there is one, otherwise to the Site Settings screen).
  • When preparing to run a test a link is provided to take the user directly to where they can edit keywords and Twitter settings.
  • Various usability improvements: changes to labels, buttons, text descriptions, links to help etc.
  • Added support for Google Finland.


  • Fixed issue where some export operations could return no results (e.g. for the Image usage test).
  • Fixed compatibility issue with IE7, where the Websites screen layout would display scores in the wrong place.
  • Fixed bug where exporting a Word document would include gibberish in the exported filename.
  • Fixed issue where exporting Informational scores in a dashboard would show “-1.1” instead of “Info”.
  • Fixed issue where the Flash test could display an overly critical bad summary point on the first page of a website with some dependency on Flash.
  • Fixed issue where some results would display needless empty tables; these tables are now hidden.
  • Fixed bug where failed slash logins (for Root Administrators) would not display an error, when one occurred.
  • Fixed glitch where using the date selector to navigate between report versions could break the back button.
  • Fixed visual glitch where comparison “Clear” button would fail to appear unselectable.
  • Fixed some glitches when exporting some reports to Microsoft Word.

Other changes

  • The list of search engines has been simplified to represent Google removing most options for country-specific websites. Now each location has a single Google option; previously, you may have seen options like “UK (whole web)” and “UK (pages in the UK)”.

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