How reliable are the scores?

Sitebeam tests are based on independent public standards and best practice guidelines.

We spend a lot of time researching these and staying up to date with what’s current. And then making our tool better based on what we find.

For 10 years we’ve developed our own software and worked on websites of every size and shape: sites with over 40,000 pages, websites with millions of page views per month, international and multilingual websites.

So we’ve got lots of knowledge about what does and doesn’t work on the web.

On top of that, organizations from the FORTUNE 500, universities, and large digital agencies use our software daily to improve their websites. So with Sitebeam, you’re using a well-established, tried and tested application.

Totally transparent

We don’t hide anything away from you when it comes to explaining how each test is measured and how they affect scores. You can see all of this detail in the Help section within the tool.

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